We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously

We are proud to be a responsible corporate citizen

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.”
– Robert Swan, Author

At Pemcor Packaging we understand that we all need to do our part to minimize waste and preserve our natural resources. We take our commitment to sustainability very seriously and have implemented the following programs to continuously improve our contribution.

Sustainability Programs

Implemented to Reduce our Carbon Footprint

Lean Manufacturing

San Diego Paper Box is proud to be a responsible corporate citizen and strives to support our environment by implementing Lean manufacturing concepts that minimize waste. We actively participate in sustainability programs that maximize the recycling of our waste material including wood pallets, banding, shrink wrap and printing plates along with our paperboard.

Energy Efficiency

We strive to continuously reduce our carbon footprint by investing in the most energy efficient machinery and low energy lighting and climate control systems.

Eco-Friendly Suppliers

Our suppliers are carefully chosen to ensure that they provide materials and manufacturing processes that align with our sustainability vision.


By partnering with leading suppliers and listening to our educated customer base we are continuously learning and improving our sustainability programs.  Our boxes are 100% recyclable and printed with vegetable-based inks and we also use paperboard stock that is FSC & SFI certified.